Case: DTP, Layout, and Translation of AutoCAD Drawings

The client has saved 63.28% on translation services, and 80% of AutoCAD drawing’s DTP & Layout was accomplished by a scrip two times faster than a human normally does it

At the end of April 2020, we completed another project for a regular client from the EU. Two months’ work. 100% compliance with the project deadlines, the quality of DTP & Layout has exceeded the client’s expectations.

Terms of Reference:
  1. Translate 1177 AutoCAD drawings
  2. Follow terminology according to the client’s glossary
  3. Make “ENGLISH / RUSSIAN” (bilingual design) drawings.

Why Did the Client Entrust the Project to FREEDOM Translation Agency?

  • We have implemented a computer-assisted translation tool (CAT*)
  • We have implemented a translation quality assurance tool, which has long been the standard of our translation agency.
  • We have automated the layout of AutoCAD drawings by 80%: the programmed script makes up a drawing and a DTP specialist controls and checks its operation. This is a revolutionary technology!

*Don’t confuse CAT with Google Translate or any other machine translation. This is a completely different thing.

How Did the Computer-aided Translation Software Affect Quality and Speed?

  1. The terminology is 100% consistent with the client’s glossary.
  2. Errors in the translation of numbers are 100% eliminated.
  3. 100% translation consistency.
  4. Due to the CAT software, 2,284 pages have been translated by one translator in 10 working days! This is 228,4 pages per day (a standard translator’s speed is 8-10 pages per day). 10 days instead of 285.5. The CAT software made it possible to speed up the translation by 28,5 times.

How Did the Automation of the DTP & Layout Process Affect Quality and Speed?

  1. All 1177 drawings have the same perfect design and proper formatting.
  2. Our script makes up drawings at an average speed of 175% compared to the speed of the fastest DTP specialist (a human being)*.
  3. Unlike humans, the script doesn’t get tired, which means that the speed and quality of DTP & Layout don’t decrease at the end of the day.

*Script speed is variable. It deals with the DTP & Layout process 1.5–2.5 times faster than a human.

How Much Money Did We Save for the Client?

  • 63.28% on translation services + client didn’t pay extra for urgency.
  • 0% on DTP & Layout services, but the client has received 100% equally correct 1177 drawings and didn’t pay extra for urgency.

How Did We Complete the Task?

  1. We opened each drawing, checked the correctness of text layers, corrected errors, and sorted the drawings into two types.
  2. We exported texts from AutoCAD drawings to MS Excel.
  3. We created a translation project in our CAT tool for each type of drawing: then we connected a translation memory and a glossary.
  4. We translated texts of AutoCAD drawings.
  5. Did a proofreading.
  6. Then we used a translation quality assurance tool to check the translation.
  7. We imported the translation into AutoCAD drawings.
  8. Afterwards, we made up drawings (2,800 pages) in two languages: “ENGLISH / RUSSIAN”.

The Client’s Feedback After They Checked the Work


Yevhen Venherenko

Yevhen Venherenko

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