Translation Inconsistencies & How to Avoid Them

Inconsistency of translation can be eliminated by using two programs: computer-assisted translation software (CAT) and a translation quality assurance tool.

Thanks to the synonymy, the translation of fiction texts becomes interesting, good-looking, attractive, and entertaining. The last 5 adjectives from the previous sentence are different translations of the Russian word “интересный”.

Sometimes it’s great to translate the same words in different ways. However, this approach doesn’t apply to technical, legal, medical, accounting, financial, and related documents, drawings or instructions. In such cases, one word should have only one translation option, otherwise, there appears translation inconsistency, i.e. the inconsistency of keywords (terms), parts of sentences, and even whole sentences in a document or project translation. Such a phenomenon reduces the quality and clarity of translation so much that the meaning may become unclear. Misrepresentation can lead to huge business losses.

The Way We Have Eliminated Translation Inconsistency by 100%

  1. We have implemented SmartCat — a computer-aided translation software (CAT tool), which includes translation memory (TM) with the possibility of concordance search (search by translation memory); glossary (Term Base), which highlights terms. Also, the CAT tool allows connecting external translation quality assurance tools via API.
  2. We have implemented Verifika – a translation quality assurance tool: it finds all kinds of errors in a minute: from errors in numbers and spelling to inconsistencies in translation of individual words and sentences. Then it shows them to the editor, and he or she eliminates them. Moreover, the program has its list of untranslatable words (most of them are computer program names), and after analyzing the document, Verifika shows you the potentially untranslatable words in your file. There will be a separate article about translation quality assurance tools.

Technologies Are the Guarantee of Accurate Translation

FREEDOM Translation Agency employs only experienced and qualified translators, however, it would be foolish and disrespectful to clients to refuse the assistance of specialized tools. Indeed, a human can be proofreading the translation for hours in search of inconsistencies and other errors, but why should he or she do it, if the program can cope with it in a minute and it won’t miss anything. Due to the introduction of modern technologies, we guarantee a fast, high-quality translation that meets clients’ needs.

Yevhen Venherenko

Yevhen Venherenko

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